How to Pack and Move House

When you’re moving house you’re in for a stressful time. One of the things that will weigh heaviest on your mind is packing up all your possessions for the move. Without a doubt it’s the most time consuming part of the whole process, and if you can find a good system to govern your packing you’ll cut out a huge amount of the stress, worry and labour of your house move.

Start Early

The most important thing is to start early and be systematic, rather than trying to pack all of your possessions in a panic the night before.

Try to reserve a packing room – if you have the luxury of that space. If you don’t have a spare room you can devote to your packing efforts, clearing part of your lounge or anywhere you can keep key items. Fill it with boxes of different sizes so they’re always available to be grabbed and filled, and other key items like packing tape.

On the topic of boxes, save money by scavenging them from supermarkets: arrive early, before they’ve had the chance to recycle them themselves and ask if they can spare any. As long as you’re patient and polite, most people will be happy to help!

Storage Services?

If space really is an issue for you, it may be worth looking into storage facilities. You can use them to store your packed possessions and get them out of the way so you have more room to pack, making the build up to moving day more manageable.

You could also put some of your more cumbersome, bulky things into longer term storage so on the day itself you only have to move a smaller collection of essentials that you can unpack quickly to get to some semblance of normal life. You can then retrieve large items of furniture at your leisure.

Some London storage like byStored offer additional services that could be very helpful to you, like pick up and return slots for your stored items. If you pick the right facility, you could use them as both a storage solution and a removals service into the bargain, which really would cut down the stress of moving house.


Make sure you’re making the most of the space you have: fill suitcases as part of your packing, rather than leaving them empty and bagging up clothes. As long as you can transport them safely, fill and secure cupboard and chests. Towels and bed clothes are a good thing to transport like this.

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