Moving On A Budget? Here’s How To Do It

Save On Moving Costs

Since moving itself is already a huge investment, you have to do what’s necessary to save as much money as you can – especially if you are on a tight budget.

Here are a few useful strategies to help you move to a new house on a budget.

Be Aware Of What’s Coming

How To Move On A Budget

Yes, you are aiming towards saving money. However, there are some costs that have to be paid.

Before you step your foot through the doors of your new home, make sure the first thing you do is fix your finances.

If you don’t take care of this part, you will drown in fees and costs. Here are the most important expenses:

Movers – Take your time, do your homework and find a reliable moving company that will fulfill your standards and expectations. Look for reviews on Yelp. If you are hiring a moving company, it has to be insured. Don’t cut corners.

Storage – This is another part where you need to do your homework and compare the prices and security arrangements.

Also, estimate how long you’re going to need the storage, because the price really depends on that. First month free doesn’t matter if they charge a lot after that.

Cleaning – When you are moving out of a rental property, one condition you must fulfill is to leave the place tidy and clean to get back your deposit.

And if you don’t do so, the landlord is free to charge you for ridiculously high professional cleaning costs. So either do the cleaning yourself or look around to find someone who will do it the right way.

Mail forwarding – This step is crucial to help protect yourself from identity theft.

You don’t want checks, credit card offers and sensitive information being sent to your old address. It can really cost you.

Extras – Moving day is a lot more than just trucks and running around. What will you do with your child? Will you need childcare? Do you have pets? What will you eat? Plan for moving day ahead and include these costs as well.

Don’t Pay For Boxes

Getting Free Moving Boxes

Of course, boxes are mandatory when moving, and moving companies know that so they often try to charge you a premium for them.

However, you have brains and know that this is completely unnecessary, because you can get boxes for free by gathering them from your office, by asking your friends or local liquor or mid-sized stores.

Another good thing about this is that you can resell them after you’re done moving and even earn some extra cash. Either that or just post an admin Craigslist and someone can take them off your hands for free.

Say Goodbye To The Old Stuff

Selling Your Old Stuff

Out with the old and in with the new.

By selling your old belongings you don’t need anymore, you will not only eliminate the extra weight (which cuts down on your moving costs), but you will also earn some extra cash.

Determine what you don’t need before the moving day first. Then list small items and electronics on eBay and the larger items on Craigslist.


Moving is among the hardest and most stressful things to do in life. However, if you stick to these tips, you can make it a little bit less stressful and also spare your bank account some trouble as well.

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