How To Get Your Home Ready To Sell

How To Get Your Home Ready To Sell

If you’ve decided to sell your house, there is a whole variety of things to be taken care of before you bring any potential buyers inside. Having your house in top shape will impress them more and enable it to become more likely to be sold at a higher price. All you have to do is to implement a few alluring details and make it look well-maintained. If you’re selling during season it is very important to make your house stand out among dozens of others many people are going to look at. So, here are a few tips on how to make your home look the part for any visitors looking for a dream house.

Check for any damage

You have to check your home in and out for any damage that could potentially be harmful to your house’s value. Make sure everything is functional, from fixing loose knobs and handles to taking care of more serious damage, like leakage or mold. Pay special attention to wood rot around windows and door frames – especially outside. They can deteriorate over time when exposed to rain and moisture. Check for leaks around toilets or sinks, and if you have hardwood, check for any bulges to determine if you have a problem with flooding.

Make it squeaky clean

Nothing feels better than entering a clean home filled with pleasant smells. Take care of your windows, wash them thoroughly. Buyers will always notice a smudgy window. It’s important to take care of it because the view through the window is also an important aspect of your house’s aesthetic. Clean windows will also let more light into the rooms. If you have carpets, rugs or leather furniture, it could take you ages to get them in top shape for selling. Professionals advise that clean-looking carpets, rugs and leather furniture significantly boost the chances of impressing any potential buyers.

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Boost your curb appeal

Remember: first impressions count! Before any potential buyers enter your home, they will most definitely scrutinize your property from a distance. They don’t only seek for a nice-looking exterior, but also signs that the property has been well maintained, and they don’t want to waste more money on that. Make sure your garden looks at its best, and make your gate, fence and doors fresher by repainting them. You can do all sorts of other things, like replace your house number, get a new mailbox, or install flower boxes for that extra spice.

Cut the clutter

Your aim is to enable potential buyers to visualize themselves living in the property. Therefore, you can create an illusion of bigger space and enable them to really think about what they would do to the place if they lived there. Keep away from decorating your house too much, because it can be a distraction. Put away all family photos and art pieces you like because not all people share your taste. As for the abundance of space, you can make the ceiling look higher by adding extra-long curtains to the windows or buying striped carpets or rugs that give the illusion of bigger space.

Revamp your kitchen

People today are mostly looking to buy a house that already has a reasonably polished kitchen. You can solve that problem with simple updates, like installing new cabinet doors, worktops, handles and other minor adjustments. If you’re feeling bold, you can replace tiles and floorings too. Just make sure to not stick to any DIY unless you’re completely confident in your skills – there’s no shame in hiring professionals to finish the job, and the expenses are sure to be worthwhile.


Being welcoming to your viewers is desirable, but your dog’s enthusiastic greeting may not be to everyone’s liking. Some people who visit might be allergic to dogs or cat’s hair, so make sure that they’re all comfortable with visiting your property. Ask a neighbor to look after your pets during viewings if possible, or if not, you can always take them to a pet day care.


Selling your property might seem like an awful and time consuming task, but if you invest in it the right way, you can go through that process stress-free. Prepare yourself for providing information about your house and the local area and keep an ear out to any feedback about your house you receive during the viewing or afterward from your estate agent – it may be helpful for future viewings.

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