8 Daily Rituals Most Millionaires Have In Common

8 Daily Rituals Most Millionaires Have In Common

The rich and famous have it so easy! They wake up, go on cruises, visit exotic places, eat fancy food all day, go to sleep, and repeat.

It seems like that’s all they do, but they’re actually doing more than just visiting the Caribbean islands. Their success doesn’t come from thin air, they have to work at it everyday.

If you would like to know 8 daily rituals that all millionaires have in common, then look no further.

1. Great minds need healthy food

How can you think clearly if you feed your brain Doritos and Swiss Rolls all day?

Those who must survive on low incomes make poor food choices because they do not have the money to buy healthy food. But for the wealthy, eating healthy isn’t an option. They are able to afford healthy foods, and in general pay more attention to what they eat.

Want to kick old eating habits? Kick the diets to the curb. Eat for a healthy mind and body, not a tiny waist. Enjoy your junk food on the weekends or on special occasions.

2. They don’t watch much television

Too many reruns of Game of Thrones can hinder your ability to get anything done.

It’s estimated that 23% of millionaires watch an hour or more of TV, compared to 77% of other Americans. This gives the wealthy more time to focus on getting things done.

There’s nothing wrong with catching up on Game of Thrones, but if it keeps you from getting things done… Well I think you know what to do.

3. Self-improvement is a top priority

People will always want to do better, but actually doing it is a different story.

Millionaires like New York Times bestseller Brendon Burchard actively blocks time for creativity. He refers to it as the habit of the super successful.

Just pick something you’re passionate about and stick to it. Be it yoga, playing an instrument, or starting a business, set time aside each day to complete the task.

4. Learning is a lifetime endeavor

From YouTube videos, to podcasts, and down to TED Talks, learning never stops.

According to Thomas Corley, author of Rich Habits, 63% of the rich and famous listen to audio books on the way to work. It wouldn’t hurt to download a video, audio book, or podcast on self-improvement, business, or whatever tickles your fancy.

5. The early bird gets the worm

Getting up at the first alarm can be tough, but start out small. Start waking up five minutes earlier than you usually would, then keep decreasing your time until you get up when at your ideal time. If you’re serious about this, check out The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod.

6. The Financial Times is their bible

Well, not really, but it gets read by some rich subscribers. Looking at FT’s stats, the average subscriber’s income is $250,000, with 13% being millionaires.

The Financial Times isn’t for everyone, but it’s not a bad idea if you want to learn new business skills to help you make more money. The Wall Street Journal and The Economist are good reads as well.

7. They exercise

Well all of them might not, but it can influence income in the long run.

A study on Finnish twins that were males by Psychology Today showed that those who exercised earned 14-17% more than their inactive counterparts.

8. That to-do list gets knocked out

When rich people were asked by Corley how many of them kept a checklist, 81% said they did, compared to only 19% in poverty. Two-thirds of wealthy people complete 70% or more of their list.

To get started on this, jot down 3-6 (no more) things to do tomorrow before you go to bed. Prioritize, start with the first task, and don’t stop until it’s finished.

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