6 Ways To Sell Clients On An Older Home

6 Ways To Sell Clients On An Older Home

How can you help buyers get excited about an older property? A well-maintained historic home with gleaming wood floors and an updated kitchen is easy to sell in most markets, but when a property is a bit run down or dated looking, it can be a tough sell. Here are some phrases that can persuade buyers to give these homes a second look; choose the ones that are true for the house you’re trying to market.

1. This House Has Good Bones

Clients who might consider a fixer-upper absolutely love this expression. The phrase “good bones” reassures them that the house doesn’t have any known structural issues or major defects and that its size and layout are desirable even if some of its surfaces look a little shabby.

2. You Can Make This Into Your Dream Home

If your buyers show a flair for creativity, appeal to their desire to personalize the house. Remind them that if the seller had already done all the work, they would be paying for finishing work done to someone else’s taste. Buying a home with cosmetic issues that haven’t been fixed by the seller lets them save money on the purchase price, and they can use those savings to install interior and exterior finishes that they love.

3. You Can Reduce Your Risk With A Warranty

An older home can mean questionable systems or appliances that are near the end of their life cycle. Your clients may not realize that they can buy a home warranty that will cover their electrical systems, appliances, furnace, and air conditioner. They can budget for the cost of the warranty and then sleep peacefully knowing that if their hot water heater breaks down, it is covered by the home warranty.

4. Let’s Talk About How To Fund The Renovations

New home buyers don’t always know that they can ask the seller for a credit to cover the cost of repairs. They might also want to know about mortgages that will cover renovations, too, like the FHA 203(k) program that wraps renovation costs into the mortgage loan.

5. This Is A Lot Of House For The Money

Bargain hunters who are willing to take on a seller’s problems or clean-up work can often get into neighborhoods or homes they wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford. Show them recent sales figures of similar homes in the same school district or neighborhood to help them see whether the fixer-upper is a good bargain.

6. The Neighborhood Is So Desirable

Savvy buyers know that a home will never be worth more than the surrounding properties, so stressing a solid neighborhood with stable property values will appeal to them. Also, while fixing up a house might be challenging, it’s at least possible; a bad neighborhood can’t be repaired. Point out features like good schools, easy access to highways, and low crime rates to help them realize that their bargain home is likely to appreciate in value.

There’s a lot to love about older homes, and there are buyers who love the opportunity to pick up a bargain and turn a house into a creative project. Use these ideas to help you connect those buyers with the fixer-upper of their dreams.

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