5 Things Everyone Should Do Before Moving To A New Home

5 Things Everyone Should Do Before Moving To A New Home

Moving into a new home is always a big deal. It doesn’t matter if this is the first house you bought, or the third one you’re moving to, changing houses is always a stressful affair. There are so many things to think about and take care of before you even think about moving, that by the time you find yourself in your new home you will be too stressed to enjoy it. Before you unload your packing boxes out of the truck in front of your new home, here is what you should do.

1. Change The Locks

Who has the keys of your home? You and the members of your family, of course, but also your friends, and possibly your neighbor so they can stop by in case of emergency. The same probably goes for the previous tenants of your new home – there will be people who have keys to the locks of your house. Safety first; so you should change the locks on your front and back door, as well as the cellar (if there is one). This might seem like too much work, but you don’t want to think about who else may get into your home when you’re not around. If possible, install alarm system straightaway – you don’t actually know the neighborhood that well, and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

2. Clean The Place

Not many people bother with cleaning when they’re moving away, and you never know in what condition your new house will be. Even if it looks spotless, it doesn’t mean that it’s really clear. You don’t have to call professional to clear every corner of your home, you can do it yourself with an all-purpose cleaner and a pair of rubber gloves. Still, you should take the carpets out to be steam cleaned, or borrow a steam cleaner and do it yourself. Couches and armchairs can also gather a lot of dust and dirt, so it’s best to have them disinfected too.

3. Change Your Address

This is incredibly boring and people think they can do it once they move, but it isn’t so. You should change your address as early as possible to avoid new tenants of your old house having to forward you mail, and bills piling up. The post office should be notified immediately of your new address, but you should also inform the businesses and government bodies individually. This will ensure that all your mail is going to the right place. Any subscriptions you have should be redirected to your new address, and your bank should be informed that you’ve moved too. Your details on the electoral roll should be updated as well, so you don’t have to travel to your old hometown when you have to vote.

4. Make Sure You Have Enough Packing Boxes

Packing boxes are a nightmare – no matter how many you have, it won’t be enough. If you have thought well in advance and packed your belongings in the labelled boxes, it’ll make organizing easier once you step into your new home. Think about all the things you have to pack, and try to get plenty of boxes of different sizes. Your clothes can be stored neatly even in something as simple as plain old trash bag (these are incredibly spacious and you’ll be able to pack a lot of clothes in there), but your books, glasses, plates, and family memorabilia should be packed neatly in cardboard boxes, so set off and find plenty of durable packing boxes so all your things are protected.

5. Connect Your Energy

No matter how long the previous tenant lived in the house, you need to disconnect the energy in their name and reconnect it in your own. You only need to call your energy provider, give them your address, and let them know when you’ll be moving in so they can make sure the connections are okay. They should have your contact numbers and identification, and it’s vital that you do this just before you move so that the previous tenant won’t be charged for the energy you’ve spent, and vice versa. Also, you should call internet service providers at least a month before to make sure you’ll have the internet in your new home.

We live in such times when moving houses isn’t a strange and rare thing anymore, most of us will move several (if not a dozen) times in our lifetime. If every time we moved we had to go through equal amount of stress, we would suffer greatly. By being systematic and well-organized, you will make your move as stress free as possible, and this means more time to enjoy the good things. Don’t put off things until the last minute, be thorough and responsible, and you will soon lean that moving isn’t so bad after all.

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