Selling Your Home: Don’t Do It Alone

If the time has come to sell your house, you may have thought of selling it on your own. After all, you’ve had yard sales before, you’ve sold a few cars before, so why not sell your house too? If you hire someone they’ll come away with possibly tens of thousands of dollars in commission. Is their expertise really worth $10k? The short answer is: yes. Here are a few reasons why you should hire a realtor to sell your property.


When you hire a realtor you’re getting a lot more than what you think. You are hiring someone with experience who has done this countless times before. Nothing will faze them as they have seen it all.


Selling your own home all by yourself can bring you a lot of stress. When you finally find a buyer the stress doesn’t end, as you’ll have to deal with a stack of paperwork afterward. By hiring a real estate agent, they will handle the paperwork for you.


You might think your house looks perfect, but it’s a realtor who knows how to make your house look ready to sell. They will advise you to move a couch, open a window, add flowers here and remove family pictures there.


When you sell your house alone you’re going to have a hard time finding a buyer. But a real estate agent has an iPhone full of contacts. They will be in touch with either their own clients or other realtors’ clients and will let them know of your house for sale. This increases the chances of selling your home at the price you want.


When you find a buyer, next comes the negotiations. You need an experienced realtor to handle it for you. They know how to squeeze the most amount of money out of the buyer.


Since you live in your home you might think your house is worth a lot. But if you price it wrong, nobody will even come to look at it. You need the services of an expert realtor who will properly value your house.

Trusting somebody to sell your house for you can be difficult. But you need to realize that you’re only doing yourself and your home a favor by letting a professional handle it for you. While there is a fee to pay, you may end up selling your home for more than you expected, thus theoretically erasing the fee.

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