How To Select A Great Real Estate Agent

If you are selling your property, there are probably many things going through your mind. Whatever your reasons for putting your home or other real estate property on the market, you have to have a clear mind when picking out the agent you are going to entrust with the very important job of selling your property. This might mean the difference between making money on the deal or barely getting your money back. If the latter happens, you actually lost money since the money you tied up in your property could have been generating a return if invested somewhere else.

When it comes to picking out a great realtor, you should not let flashy appearances and big talk fool you. Even a lousy salesman can catch a string of sales. Indeed, even a broken clock is right twice a day. Instead of getting bowled over by bragging or glitz and flash, analyze your broker with a clear mind and focus on the person’s character and professional infrastructure. These are two totally different things and, if present in the right combination, might mean your selected broker will be able to sell your property at the price you want.

When it comes to character traits, look for a straight shooter. You can easily detect this if the person doesn’t waste time glossing over mistakes or bad deals. A quality realtor won’t blame but accept blame instead. Moreover, a quality realtor doesn’t waste time on excuses. Instead, he or she provides a clear and objective explanation. You want a person who will tell you the truth instead of lead you along. After you have found a broker with the right character traits, make sure he or she has the professional infrastructure below. The right candidate must have both the right professional infrastructure and character traits.

Proven Track Record

This is self-explanatory. Your broker must have a proven record of sales. Depending on how fast you want your property sold and how serious you are in selling it, don’t go with someone who is just getting started. Normally, newbie brokers usually work in conjunction with proven veterans to establish a record. Many property sellers are simply not in a position to subsidize their broker’s sales training.

Solid References

Once your friends and family get word of the fact that you are selling your property, you might get a lot of references. Sift through the references. Are the people making the reference solid people you can trust or do they have a conflict of interest? Look for as many professional references like banks or companies that have worked with the broker in the past.

Has a Large Network of Brokers or Buyers Network

This is the ‘secret sauce’ in finding a broker than can effectively sell your property at a price you will be happy with. Regardless of how slick they talk, if they don’t have an existing network of potential buyers, they might take a longer time to sell your property or might not even get the job done at all. I am not talking about simply getting your property listed at multiple real estate listings offline and online. Instead, I’m talking about the realtor’s own professional network of investors and individual buyers.

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